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CONTACT: Carrie Schuchardt—President—House of Peace Inc.

1 High St., Ipswich, MA 01938



CONTACT AT CUMMINGS FOUNDATION:  Alison Harding—781-932-7093




IPSWICH, JUNE 2022—The House of Peace is one of 140 local nonprofits to receive a grant through the Cummings Foundation $25 Million Grant Program. This Ipswich based organization was chosen from a total of 580 applicants during an intensive review process. The House of Peace will receive $25,000 annually for four years to strengthen and expand its many efforts to serve refugees and victims of war.


Since its founding in 1990, the House of Peace has welcomed more than 600 refugees from over 30 countries, offering shelter and support within a small community centered on healing from the trauma of war and the creation of a culture of peace. Partnering with local, national and international agencies for refugee resettlement and education for moral awakening is of ongoing importance as the House of Peace continues its mission to confront the suffering of the earth and its displaced peoples.


House of Peace co-founders, Carrie and John Schuchardt, speak for their entire community in expressing profound gratitude for this generous grant. “The emergency arrival of refugees from Afghanistan and the catastrophic suffering in the world at this time impose on us great challenges and responsibilities. The generosity of this Cummings Grant will offer new possibilities and supports to countless people with whom we work on many levels, including the North Shore community of Afghan refugees and children coming to us from several countries with war-related injuries requiring medical treatment in Boston. We are immensely grateful.”


The House of Peace has been inspired by the unique courage and vision of Bill and Joyce Cummings and their many Foundation colleagues to convert personal wealth to common wealth by supporting and encouraging a wide range of local initiatives serving the needs of a very diverse population.  John Schuchardt describes the Cummings Foundation as a “parable of justice, a model that such gifts can release a life-stream of new hope for the neediest and most victimized, through helping to meet and protect the fundamental human rights to home, security and safety, food, education, culture and loving nurture, while binding up the wounds of war.”

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